Leather Inside the Wasit Band Holster: Hopewell IWB Holster

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The Hopewell IWB gets its name from the Hopewell Iron Furnace in PA.  While the furnace may be hot enough to melt your firearm, the minimalist design of the Hopewell IWB will help you stay cool and allow your firearm to melt away in concealment.


- Vertical Cant

- Two piece construction

- Minimalist holster designed to reduce printing

- Perfect for summer months under a T-shirt

- The belt loop is placed along the draw axis for smooth draws.

- Reinforcement along the sight channel helps keep the holster open inside the waist line

- Comfort tab will help prevent the slide and sights from digging into your side

- Premium 8-9 oz vegetable tanned leather

- Burnished and waxed edges

- Wax finish