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Old Trail Leather and Outdoor Shop

Old Trail Leather began as Higher Aim LLC and was founded on the principles of freedom by US Army Veteran Dave Firlik.  Recognizing the United States of America are safer when responsible citizens are prepared to defend the nation, Higher Aim LLC encouraged this philosophy by providing firearms training and related merchandise.  One of the primary products, leather holsters, were always produced and available locally within the south-central PA region.

In 2015, Old Trail Leather was born as the brand that would produce Leather Holsters and Accessories for Higher Aim LLC and are available for sale online at as well as other concealed carry, hunting, and outdoor accessories.  A portion of all sales goes toward enriching the community and helping fellow veterans.



Old Trail Leather is a veteran owned and operated business located in south central Pennsylvania.  The primary focus of the business is hand crafting high quality leather holsters using time honored leather working techniques.  Saddle stitching by hand is available for most holsters and other items and edges are traditionally finished by burnishing and waxing.

While some items are maintained in limited quantities, most are made to order.  This provides customers flexibility to purchase a holster made to their specific specifications.  Belt slot sizes, cant, ride, and color are just some of the variables customers can choose from using the Old Trail Custom holster listings.

Maker:  Dave Firlik

I am the owner/operator of Old Trail Leather.  I started stitching things together and working with leather in the 1980’s.  I served in the US Army and was assigned as a protective services agent with the US Army Criminal Investigation Division.  As a protective services agent, I frequently found myself trying to conceal firearms and gear in a variety of situations and roles.  These situations provide me with a unique background regarding fit and function of holsters and related products.  Most importantly, I recognize there are no one size fits all solutions for every person or every situation.  While I maintain a small product line of gear I find most common, I have made several custom items to meet specific customer requests and would be happy to discuss your needs.  When you call Old Trail Leather, you have a direct line to me - 717-473-7806.